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  • leillo1975
    Any update?  Any information about the Early Access release on Steam?
  • ajr2764
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    ajr2764 polycounter lvl 8
    Really cool project and amazing detail on the mechanical portions. 
  • leillo1975
    Thanks a lot for this info. We stay alert! ;)

  • cupsster
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    cupsster polycounter lvl 9
    It looks amazing. One thing I noticed is that wheel up and down movement does not match axles. It is detail tho.
  • Visum
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    Visum polycounter lvl 5
    This is crazy.
    Level of detail is incredible.
    As a single dev working on my first game what feels like forever (I'm learning this from scratch) this is the most inspiring thing I have seen to date. Two guys for all of this.
    Thx for the motivation and I know I'll pick this game once is available. 
  • The_Benjamins
    Are you guys going to have cockpit view
  • Calazans
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    Calazans null
    Man, this is looking pretty nice, looking forward to see later updates.
  • jimsvanberg
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    jimsvanberg polycounter lvl 8
    Oh man! I'm gonna sprinkel my monies at this if the feel is arcady enough. <3 Looks dope!
  • leillo1975
    Excellent work!!! Any release date or ETA for your game? We are Anxious!
  • jermaineb
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    jermaineb polycounter lvl 7
    i would super be interested in checking out that vehicle rig. it looks awesome :open_mouth:
  • nimlot26
  • Aydhe
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    Aydhe polygon
    really nice stuff, love design of the vehicle :)
  • Borg
    This looks really good. Looking forward to play it one day!

    What kind of soft body simulation method are you using for the tires? Is it finite element based?
  • Shrike
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    Shrike polycounter lvl 6
    Looks good but its missing the bling, make the grass greener, try turn up the illumination / exposure and ambient light and get some color grading then it should look much better.
  • LoganTMT
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    LoganTMT triangle
    Wow! Looks like me and my brother aren't the only brother duo Game dev group. Very Nice work and hope to see you guys do more!
  • The_Benjamins
    Any updates, are we close to a early access release?
  • defragger
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    defragger interpolator
    Hi guys,

    We are happy to see that you are interested in DRAG and we are sorry to keep you waiting.
    We are pushing towards the early access release :)

    Here is a quick update what we have done in the last weeks:

    * we completed the online race mode
    * visual polishing of single player mode
    * testing and bug fixing
    * added sector times and live gap times
    * added a time trial mode
    * improved color grading

    * added cloud shadows

    * added soft menue fades

    * added metallic paint for players to choose on the springs

    What we are currently working on:

    * hardware compatibility testing
    * visuals for loading screen
    * dynamic mud buildup on the cars
    * I'm still working on the second car as well

    A few weeks back I also began construction of the next race track (Zone-C) featuring a completely new setting.
    We are play-testing an early version of the new track in game right now.

    Here is just a small teaser of the track layout:

  • CybranM
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    CybranM greentooth
    Looking great!
    Are you planning on adding mud flinging off the tires?
    There are lots of dirt and mud on the track and it would make sense for it to get pulled up by the tires.

    Im looking forward to trying the game once you release it :smiley:
  • LoganTMT
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    LoganTMT triangle
    I'm excited to try it! Also, It would be pretty funny to have a big Monster Truck in the game too...LOL!
  • aclund3
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    aclund3 polycounter lvl 4
    @LoganTMT Mad Max: Fury Road monster truck style for sure :smiley:
  • StraightDraw84
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    StraightDraw84 polycounter lvl 7
    Whoa! VERY COOL!
  • solidshark91493
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    solidshark91493 polycounter lvl 4
    This project has inspired me to start my own, its a massive undertaking. So much respect. Cant wait to try this it looks so cool. Would love yo help test it! 
  • keithabrown
    Any update for this? I'm dying to give you my money!
  • Icefyre27

    Please, Please, Please release it already!!!

    NO UPDATES for over 4mths :(  -  Hope this hasn't crashed so close to the finish line!!!
  • leillo1975
    No news....?!?!?!
  • The_Benjamins
    How can I help beta test for you guys, I was a alpha tester for project cars.
  • leillo1975
    Thanks a lot for this update, guys. Can't wait to play it!

    .... and Merry Christmas
  • Sage
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    Sage polycounter lvl 14
    looks great.
  • jimsvanberg
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    jimsvanberg polycounter lvl 8
    This looks, indeed very interesting!
  • Finnn
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    Finnn polycounter lvl 2
    I am looking forward to play the game when it's done.
    It's incredible how much passion you guys show for this project.
    Your results show it. Everything is looking incredible. Keep it up!
  • defragger
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    defragger interpolator
    answering a question regarding the LODs on the conifer trees and how to produce the billboard maps needed without speedtree:

    Hi Brian,

    The billboards have been rendered from the final tree with two cameras. We render albedo and alpha maps but when applied directly there will be a visual mismatch because of missing light / shadow information from the 3d branches. Which of course the billboard can not provide in engine.

    So we put diffuse information into the albedo map. Not a lot of diffuse information because it has to work with different lighting and variable angles of the sun. This of course only works to some extent, but since it is missing a bunch of geometry a billboard never will be the same thing. We try to get as close as possible.

    For the roughness information as well as translucency we use fixed values instead of maps. We put the cavity information into the vertex color. We don't orient the billboards towards the camera because it can produce artifacts which can be distracting in a racing game. We use a shadow mesh that is not visible in order to cast decent shadows below the billboard trees even when the sun is directly over head.

    I hope this is helpfull and answers some of your question.
  • sandstorm
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    sandstorm polycounter lvl 6
    Hi defragger, any update on the progress of your game. Would love to read more of your posts.
  • BlackNiboWOlf
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    BlackNiboWOlf polycounter lvl 2
    Awesome Project
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