Star Wars - Redemption ( FanMade Project )

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Vexod14 greentooth

"Star Wars - Redemption" is the temporary title I've found for a fanmade project inspired mostly by the clone wars TV serie and, of course, star wars universe. At the beginning it was just about a jedi in a clone outfit and the more I spend time on it, the more things were added to this base concept. I'm not sur if this is the right section my post belongs to but I wanted to share it with you. As it's a fan project I don't spend the time I'd want on it, the evolution will be chaotic in terms of regularity ^^ Sorry in advance =)

The project may take place between Ep2 & Ep5 or more, I'm not done yet with the story. The final platform is still unknown, for now I'm more in favor of a videogame than a webserie. I'm using mostly 3dsMax, MightyBake & 3DCoat for texturing & occasionally PS when it's time to rework some little details, and for the animation part I'm in love with Akeytsu =) That's all folks !

Des bisous !

Note : you can follow the project's evolution on artstation :

And of course, constructive criticism is always appreciated =)


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