Forum features wishlist


Any features you wish Polycount had? Let us know and we'll see if we can grant them.

This is for wishes only, new things to add, not bugs. If you find bugs please see Bugs! We got 'em!

Here's our current wishlist, in no order except by where they would appear on the site:

Site Features
  • Embed our twitter feed in a page that we can sticky.
  • Better job posting boards. Need clarification here.
  • Bring back the old rank system. (fixed 2016-06-03)
  • Forum skin chooser.
  • Recent Topics button. (added 2016-09-19)
  • Drafts button. (added 2016-09-19)
  • HTTPS support.

  • Use quotes to search a string, use + and - to force/ignore search terms.
  • Sort the results: date of original post, date of last reply, number of replies, number of views.
  • Option to disable search term highlighting.

Front Page
  • Automatically post latest tweet to the News page.
  • A separate section on top of the main page for the latest monthly recap.
  • RSS feed for the news page.

  • Less dead space in thread list view. (fixed 2016-06-10)
  • Thumbnails next to thread titles.
  • Mark unread threads as green and read threads as gray. (added 2016-10-07)
  • Jump to a specific page in a thread, from the thread list.
  • Show the number of pages in thread titles.
  • Show the last poster's name. (added 2017-03-01)
  • Show the last post date. (added 2017-03-01)
  • List view rollovers are too jumpy. (fixed 2016-06-10)
  • Show if OP has replied to the conversation.
  • Show if you have posted in the conversation.
  • Filtering options for recent topics.  For example, a filter for General Discussion + 3D Showcase + Technical Talk.
  • Trending posts section. Maybe underneath the stickies.
  • Stickies divider above regular posts.
  • Subforums list should show the most recent reply in each. (added 2016-10-03)
  • Ignore list: hide all topics & posts by those users.

Comments - Features
  • <iframe> support in HTML mode. For example to control Vimeo options like width/height/etc. (Vanilla will not allow this)
  • Marmoset viewer embed.
  • Bring back the old Polycount emojis.
  • Anim gif avatars.
  • Ability to view artwork in full resolution.
  • Quick drawing overlay tool for art critiques. Freehand draw, lines, arrows, circles, text, etc.
  • Quote block shouldn't allow a backspace below it to enter inside it.
  • Quote a selection.
  • Reaction buttons "Like" "Thanks" etc. (added 2016-09-02)
  • Image size limit for uploading, to avoid WAYWO browsing slowdowns.
  • Add a new poll in a reply within an existing poll.
  • Polls should allow multiple choice, as an option.
  • "This post has been edited" indicator.
  • "Show original post" if a post has been edited.
  • View a single post.
  • Favorites list for tagging single posts.

Comments - Layout
  • Less dead space in thread view. (fixed 2016-06-10)
  • Ranks shouldn't be same font as usernames. (fixed 2016-06-11)
  • Ranks should be in the Online/SendMessage block on the right. (won't fix, all now in header)
  • Two-tier name, time they have been a member plus the number of posts, to create a two word title. This way, even lurkers will get 'promoted' without having to post a lot. (won't fix, too much clutter)
  • Offline/SendMessage moved to underneath avatar, or into right side of post header. (fixed 2016-09-09)
  • Customize the color for the yellow flash animated effect when you post.
  • OP avatar is way too large. (won't fix, they're fine)
  • User name in quote header should link to their Profile page.
  • Signatures limited. 3 lines max, no styling like bold or sizes, no colors only gray (unlinked) or white (linked).

Comments - Navigation
    • Option to view posts in a thread in reverse chronological order.
    • Previous Thread/Next Thread navigation at the bottom of every page.
    • Suggested threads list at the bottom of each thread, related to title or OP.

        • Threads should send one notification, then stop sending notifications until you look at that thread again.
        • Option to follow another user. Receive notifications when they post.
        • Option to "automatically favorite any threads I participate in" (Forum designers said they won't add this feature. Instead, disable the option "Notify me when people comment on discussions I've participated in" and manually click "Add To Favorites" when desired)
        • Notifications (bell icon) is redundant and should be removed. (Won't remove, some use it for recent posts, using "Popup" in Notification options)
        • Notification email should contain preview of what was said. PM notifications do this, why not thread reply notifications?
        • Notification email when you're quoted, as an option.
        • Notifications: option to be notified when OP replies.

        Profile & Messaging
        • Drafts should be created for Conversation replies.
        • Remove redundant profile buttons "Edit My Thumbnail" and "Remove Picture", they exist inside "Change My Picture". (fixed 2016-06-10)
        • Drafts: how delete? Add a way to selectively delete drafts via Profile. (fixed 2016-06-16)
        • Edit a private message after it's been sent.
        • Badges for milestones & awards: Recaps, Banners, Frontpages, years as a member, Posts, contest awards. (added 2016-10-04)
        • Show why an account was banned. (only shown to moderators)


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