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r13 founder

One of the most frequent complaints of the Source engine is that it doesn't have a node based shader editor as some of its younger competitors. Consider that fixed.Biohazard or Kris has released just such an editor for the Scource engine. Please watch and drool at this Youtube video, same as the one below, as he demonstrates his work. And by all means please stop by here to get a copy.

"A flowgraph based shader editor which I created for the Source Engine that can be plugged into any mod based on the 2007 SDK.

It basically simplifies the whole shader creation process: automated compiling, on-the-fly preview of shaders on world objects/brushes or as post processing effect and vmt support for any shader created through the editor.

Shaders are visualized how they actually are, HLSL semantics can be defined freely, a vast amount of arithmetical and a few control flow operations are supported and source engine specific shader functions and combos are accessible.

Documentation and download:




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