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Diablo III: "Followers" Update

Blizzard have recently released new footage and details of the "Followers" system in Diablo III.The update shows off the Followers that will act similarly to the Mercenaries in Diablo II and is the biggest update the community have had in a while. The Followers are said to perform a slightly different function in this upcoming title with their usefullness decreasing through the difficulties.

It encourages co-op by giving people that are going to be playing the game alone from the start many of the thoughts and process that go into playing with another person. Seeing someone else on screen. Thinking about their items and skills. Hearing them talk. That all sounds silly from a lot of our perspectives, because, we all play co-op and who needs a primer? Well, a lot of people, and that’s where this encourages co-op. More people playing co-op means more people in a mindset of an online community, and that has many far reaching benefits for all players.

I think we're all over the whole Diablo art controversy that plagued every update for the first year or so but I for one am glad to see any content that gets out of the Blizzard doors and this latest update is no exception.


Check out the official page for all the in-depth goodness. What do you guys reckon?



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