Chrono Trigger Millenial Fair

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praetus greentooth
I started working on this a bit ago as a home project to improve my hand painting skills as well as creating an environment using UE4. Most all textures are diffuse only and I am taking advantage of UE4 mainly for vertex blending as well as some fx work to come. I've gotten to a point that I feel confident in posting and garnering critiques to make it an overall better piece.



I've taken some liberties with the design. Some things that work well in 2d sprites don't translate very well (or can be boring) so I changed some things while trying to keep the overall tone. I flaired the two main stairways to give them more character. I also curved the minor landing stairways as having them straight didn't work well as they felt too small. For this project I am focusing on this main area and leaving out Gato (the robot area) and the caveman area.

Still need to make
  • Trees
  • Flora
  • singularity
  • wind/animation for flags, ivy, leaves in wind.

I've included a few more prop shots so you can see some of the items up close.




Here's the ref.



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