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School time Ahri by blairarmitage on Sketchfab

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Hi, I'm a bit late to this! But I wanted to give Ahri a try~

I want to aim for something with clean forms and a nice silhouette. Started with sculpting the body -



Tried to keep as faithful as possible to Paul Kwon's proportions, not sure whether to push the side view a bit more and exaggerate the stance with a more arched back?
Its weird sculpting this, the only brushes I used were inflate and move, trying to keep things rounded but some parts are still a bit flat.
Sorry about gratuitous boobage - I can edit this to make it SFW

Next, head -


Some bad tangents going on with the hair forms, will work on that!

bare face [ignore terrible ears!] -


Trying to approach this as simple as possible, keeping the eyelashes seperate and a bit blocky. Looking more at figures and ball jointed dolls for reference. The face could be a bit more oval still maybe?

Will do some more artsy stuff next time like paintovers, wanted to get the base model blocked out first!

Critique much appreciated, please let me know if anything looks off, especially with the head! :)


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