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Hello everyone!

This will be my WIP thread for the Riot Contest, in the VFX category.
And this post will be updated as soon as new content is ready to be shared.


I am a 21yo belgian student studying video games. I recently found myself a new hobby: playing with particles. So, I decided to join the contest !
I'm mostly participating in order to learn from my mistakes...

I started working on this... eh... on the 18th, if I remember well? I have such a bad memory! ^^'




Spell 1:

Anyway, here are my first WIPs. I am currently only working on the first spell, while thinking about the second one.

After a few hours of wondering which kind of spell I could create as a fan art, I decided to make a Karthus-like ultimate, but, instead of using souls, I'll be using the Power of the Storm !

Anyway, here are my first Refs and WIPs...


Here's an in-game Mock-Up:

GIF preview of the effect:

And here we go!
I just made a video too, so you can see the actual animation. Please remember, it's only a WIP. :p I'm currently working on the timing. And also, it's my first time working on this kind of project, so I started a bit in freestyle. ^_^'

Click the picture for a YouTube Link:

You can check out my website here: www.sirhaian.net
(It's still very humble, considering I only started the video games studies one year ago...)

I hope you liked this first WIP. I'll keep working on this and I'll keep you informed. Tell me what you think about it and what I should correct/modify/delete/add, etc. \o/

Spell 2:

Introducing the second spell... Please tell me your thoughts about it. ^^

Ezreal is all about energy. I love it. But I always thought that a Fiery Ezreal would be really cool! I always loved fire, and my main is Annie, so... Think of it as some kind of Annie x Ezreal mix. :p


For those who don't understand the channeling (and it's perfectly normal XD)... In fact, the first orbs of fire will appear first, followed by the second ones, then third, and so on.

In-game mock-up:

Global .gif:

Now, here's the latest video. NEEDS UPDATE !!

Click the picture for a YouTube Link:



Stay tuned for more~! \^o^/


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