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Tutorial Hoarder's Dump / Collage of tutorials hoarded over time

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Greetings fellow Polycounters!

I've had a stupid habit of trying to 'backup' nearly the entire supply of tutorials the internet has to offer, regarding game art, on my hard drive.
In this thread I've tried to organize the unmanageable mess that I've made, into a somewhat readable/presentable form. Tried to pretty much post the most sensible ones that actually might make some sense out of context (most of them don't). That being said, if people approve of this thread, I'll consider posting my video archives as well that I've collected over the years. I'll have to spend a while to check that any of it wouldn't fall into the category we call pirating. A lot if it ain't free.

Also, I apologize beforehand if someones stuff is re-hosted and posted in this thread. Just poke me via PM and I'll see that the file will be removed from my copy folder and the link to it removed from this thread. For most of these, I have no clue who made them and where I got them from. I really got to work on archiving skills when it comes to digital hoarding.

Pretty sure most of this stuff is already general knowledge to a lot of active polycounters, so this is mostly aimed towards the newbies.. or something.

I'm still in the progress of sorting out my folders. Will keep updating this thread as I make progress. Enjoy!

Here goes.

Update Log:

Update 1..
July 11th 2014
  • - Removed bad information. Thanks to metalliandy for pointing these out.
  • - Added a section for Pinterest boards. Makes management and organizing easier for me and your scrollwheel might not catch on fire. Thanks to TeriyakiStyle for recommending it.
  • - Added link to LiveWorkshop
  • - Added link to Adam Fisher - Scifi Jouster
  • - Added link to Art for Games
  • - Added link to The Forgemaster - Game Character Masterclass (Playlist, 31 Videos)

Update 2..
July 11th 2014

I've been granted editorial access to the Polycount Wiki, so I'll be spending my weekend organizing stuff there. :)
Added the following to their corresponding Pinterest folders.

Mostly useful links, also pdf's and larger images.
Polycount Wiki
Complete Zbrush Hotkey Guide
Zbrush Xnormal Diffuse Bake
Texture Photography
Investigation into modular design within computer games
Modular Brick Wall Tiling
Lee Perry Modular Level and Component Design
Gears of War 2 Dump - Modularity
Disting wrecked appartment breakdown
PhilipK Tutorials
Zbrush Cuts and Scars
Mask_Salesman's 'Last of Us' breakdown
Ysalex skin texturing
Imporve as an artist - Neil Gowland
Physically Based Rendering Encyclopedia
VERTEX Magazine Adam Fisher - Scifi Jouster(Concepting & Modeling - VIDEOS)
Art for Games


Modular Characters - Jesse Sosa
http://youtu.be/qpVylUDyYuQ"]Creating Tileable Textures in Photoshop - 3dmotive
3D Character Art for Games - Vol. 1 - Hai Phan rest of these are worth your $ £ € , good stuff.
The Gamedev Cast PBR Special
Physically Based Texturing - Andrew Maximov
Physically Based Rendering for Artists - Andrew Maximov
Zbrush Basic Brick
Gasoline/Oily Rainbow Stain
Hand Painting Characters Playlist - Ryan Ribot
Weapon Design For Games Playlist - Ryan Ribot
Mirroring and reusing texture space
UDK Modular Tutorial by FahadKM
Capturing Matcap Materials and Exporting to Game Textures (Zbrush to Photoshop)
Maya UV Texture Editor Basics - 3D Motive
Next Gen Asset Creation - Andrew Smith
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Smitty's DOTA 2 Workshop - Andrew Smith
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
LiveWorkshop - Channel
The Forgemaster - Game Character Masterclass

Niuvas Printerest Boards:

Character, Clothing, Hair, Topology & Anatomy
Texturing & Baking
Timelapses, Overviews & Processes
Nature, Foliage & Rocks
Animating, Rigging & Mocap
Handpaint / Stylized

Baking and Bases



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