Monthly Environment Art Challenge - March & April 2017 (47)



  • Go2frag
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    Go2frag vertex
    @plord this turret looks super cool! :) 
  • Prototyper
    Better late than never. Here is my progress on the pitcity concept. Still need to model a few props here and there, but aside from that it's going pretty well. Getting the diagnal support beams right bit of a pain in the ass. I will start texturing after i modeled the last things. 

  • SDimitrius
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    SDimitrius polycounter lvl 8
    @DkuCook I'm really diggin the way your metal and wood is turning out!
  • Daniel_Swing
    I was stupid enough to give in to my Dark Souls hunger and started a second play-through... So I haven't had much time to keep this one up. Will get back to it asap.
    @Xelan101 : Thank you for your advice! I haven't actually decided what I wanted it to look like - outside of the given concept art (it, frankly, confuses me when it comes to the materials). I'll start to gather some references.
    @DkuCook : I'm painting with a PBR workflow (not only color) but I do enforce the light information in the base color as well. This iteration of the wood uses generators to quickly mask out the the edges and crevasses of the wood (I custom hand-painted it in the previous iterations but I found that it took an illegitimate long time for a result that can be achieved much quicker with generated masks).
  • MrMoustache
    Hey guys! 

    This is my first challenge, I've chosen the hammer 'cause I thought it just looked awesome. Changed it a bit, made the hitting part of the hammer of stone instead of what looks like metal in the concept art. Hope you like it and feedback is welcome!

    Really love the style you've chosen. It gives a really cool Blizzard game effect. What I noticed is that the texture on your different materials aren't really different, this can make it a bit harder to identify the material you are trying to achieve. For example, the stone hitting part, has some deep cuts and holes. But the metal surrounding the stone has the same deep cuts, with the same intensity, and also the holes have the same size and intensity. Maybe if you'd change the intensity and the sizes of the cuts and  holes you can differentiate stone from metal. Metal is stronger, or damages somewhat different than stone does. But I really like the vibe you have going on there! 

    I really love the texture work of the metal you have. Maybe make it a bit more blurry? Try adding a noise map to achieve random blur spots on the metal, maybe it adds a bit more depth. The danger if you do that of course is that if you want a more stylized look, you do now want the realistic blur spots. Can't wait to see the whole piece textured!

  • DkuCook
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    DkuCook vertex
    Spent the day working on the Stone and Bronze textures. Still got some work to do on the Bronze Roughness Map. Not started on the Steel sections yet, should be tomorrows job. Thanks for all the feedback.

  • Jesse Walsh
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    Jesse Walsh polycounter lvl 5
    @DkuCook  Looks great! 

    Here is mine in UE4. I'm not completely happy with it, but I think I am going to move on and do one of the other props or environments. I never figured out how to smooth my normals out in substance painter, so you can see some weird lines on the hammer head from generated noise that looked good in Zbrush but not in substance painter.

  • DkuCook
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    DkuCook vertex
    Finished my first hammer today. There are improvements I want to make to it, but it seems like a better idea to take what I've learnt and apply it to a fresh model.

    Final tri count was 600 and texture res 1024X1024. Any critique is still welcome. :)

  • plord
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    plord polycounter lvl 3
    I think it's my first so big asset (I mean few parts/materials/texture sets) but it's going quite fast considering that I'm doing it after hours. If it's fun, it's not work :D Nice Challenge! So here is progress in SP after rough part - baking, fixing, redesigning some parts. Now I'm onto fun part - texturing this :D Have something in mind how to approach it but any c&c are welcome :)

    @Go2frag Dzięki! :D Thought so that tweaking the fov and proportions will be tricky for this concept :D But it's looking nice! About the breakdown approach - think I would attack this concept in the same way(not super-experienced-person opinion :D). Keep pushing!
    @MrMoustache Whoa nice shapes here!
    @DkuCook One thing that I was thinking about is the stone color, is it hitting pink or its caused by enviro? I would keep it classic gray/blue. And for the copper - maybe less spec on metal and for dirt less dark and maybe more orange/dark orange'ish color? Still man, awesome work, nice metals!
    @Jesse Walsh Thats in UE? Still looks like the concept, nice! :D Not sure but it looks like some map from noise layer have too much contribution (opacity). 

  • M.Petersen
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    M.Petersen polycounter lvl 4
    Haven't posted in a while now, busy with school project as well. but here is an update of what I have been working on until now.
    After the blockout I imported everything into Unreal and started with some basic lighting, I don't really have too much experience with this so its just testing some stuff and tweaking everything.

    After that I started working on a Proof of Art asset, I chose the air-conditioning object since it has some cool elements.. get it?... ok... 
    this was the first time I have been using Substance Painter, so this is also really experimental for me still, but learning Substance Painter is one of the main goals for me for this project.

    The wall plaster material was done quickly in Substance Designer, nothing too fancy but just a test to set everything up. It will be replaced later on.

  • fsanin
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    fsanin vertex
    I think I should post my progress more frequently.

    @Jesse Walsh and @DkuCook , both hammers look awesome! This is my first time giving feedback, so, any feedback on my feedback is welcome, haha. 

    @DkuCook, Your model resulted really really close to the concept, it is great. Your textures are cool, but I feel that the color of the wooden piece of your hammer feels a little bit flat to me. Maybe playing a little bit with color variation and value variation on it could help. The green hints towards the borders feel really nice, as well as the scratches.

    @Jesse Walsh, I like the lighting setup for your render, looks super clean. The model and its textures are well painted. I think that the distinction between the two different metals of the head of the hammer is not entirely noticeable. Maybe tweaking the roughness values of them could make the gold and Iron  have an even bigger material differentiation .

    So far, I have made a first pass of texturing on my structure and props. I feel that my color maps need a lot more love.
    My proportions look super weird, as I really would like to be able to place the default Unreal mannequin there and be able to traverse the environment (I don't know if that is how challenges work, or if I should just try to be loyal to the concept).

    So far, I was just playing with lighting to see how stuff was looking, probably will have to delete it all and start again once I have set up all my props with their textures.

    I would appreciate if anybody has feedback! :)

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