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Welcome to the Career & Education section!

We feel that General Discussion is for general game artist news and chat, and it was getting a bit overwhelmed by posts along the lines of "what do I do about my career?"

We want an organized place to talk about these things, and offer support and insight. This is meant as a central place to chat about all career and education topics, anything having to do with becoming a developer, and about being one. 

Want to know why you're not getting work? Make a post here. But please oh please, before you post do a little bit of research. There are so many good resources. We've covered similar topics many many times before. Read what replies others have received. If you've done your research and you still have questions, then please do ask. After all we do want to help you!

We hope this section will prove useful. It's a little experiment. If it doesn't work out, we'll just fold it all back into General Discussion and dust off our hands. But hey anything worth doing is worth trying.

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  • Eric Chadwick
    Some words of advice from those who have seen it all...

    It is up to each party to evaluate the other, and decline work if it doesn't look legitimate. Polycount is not a middleman, nor can we be. We will remove or ban members who are clearly scamming our rules. But we cannot adjudicate disputes. That's the job of a court of law.

    Still the best talk for designers/artists regarding contracts:

    I hear so many freelancer scam stories. While the companies are usually shitty, i dont pity artists who work for an unknown company, without contracts, any sort of agreement, any money advance and who send the final art before receiving any payments. It's like... you made 0 effort to protect yourself. In a case where you definitely had to.

    Contracts are about protecting both sides, if you're not writing good contracts or accepting bad ones... a lot of that is on you. Always have a good lawyer on hand.
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