New Years Resolutions - 2015

insane polycounter
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TeriyakiStyle insane polycounter
I hereby make this thread and state my intention to make 2015 a good year for myself and others.


2014 was a tough one personally for various reasons but I'm working on a great contract and starting a side business with my brother now - feeling optimistic for 2015 and beyond so forgive me not looking aloof and hipster at the moment.

So far my resolutions:

1. For every piece of fantasy ingested (game, book, show, movie etc.) Ingest an equivalent piece of reality (biography, documentary etc.)

2. Learn Modo

3. Get passport

4. Be in a group show by mid year

5. Be less grouchy... a little less grouchy

6. Get a Form-1 printer

Pretty do-able - trying to stay realistic and a little conservative.

Please add your own as a challenge to yourself - what are your plans for 2015?


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