CE3 - Underground Bunker

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I put a write up of my process, scroll down on page 3 and you'll see it. It starts at comment #69 :)
Thanks for all the positive feedback. :)

Update 4/22/2013:

I got around to the final texture pass this weekend. I used a mixture of handpainting and dDO.
dDO is amazing, once you get the hang of it, it's invaluable for texturing.
I think at this point I'm going to call this done. I want to move on to another portfolio piece. :)





I got some free time over the break and decided that I'd take a stab at some personal work. I want to learn the Cryengine a bit better, so, why not actually make something with it...

Here's my moodboard. I'm going with an underground bunker. I'm not trying to copy the concepts exactly, I'm leaning towards a mix of different ideas. I might actually make this Sci-Fi or go with the more grimey look. I haven't quite decided yet.



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