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Blood Frontier Alpha 2

You are all cordially invited to download and play Alpha 2 of Blood Frontier - a game that I've been pouring my time into for over a year now. As all the models and textures and levels were made by me, it's also sort of a living, breathing portfolio piece.

Get it here: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=198419&package_id=235090&release_id=615729

Crits and comments welcome - and remember to be nice, since it's still an Alpha ;)


  • leilei
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    leilei polycounter lvl 12
    I'll play it after August 8, but call me when I can play it in first person.
  • Acord
    You can already play it in first person - press 9
  • Acord
    Come to think of it...

    9 - switch 1st/3rd person
    t - talk
    wasd - move
    space - jump & double jump
    q - switch to grenades
    tab - scoreboard
    e - pick up weapon/swap current weapon for weapon on ground(also the use key in the future)
    r - reload(hold to continue reloading the rifle and shotgun)
    ` - open console
    lshift - crouch/sneak
    lmb - fire
    rmb - alt-fire(currently, only a scope on the rifle)
    esc - main menu
    insert(if playing local or if you are server master) - add a bot
    delete(if playing local or if you are server master) - remove a bot
    f12 - screenshot(needed if you find bugs)

    Starting a game: log on to a server(open the correct ports first, listed in the help tab on the main menu), from the main menu choose game and then pick a map,mode, and mutators to vote for.

    First patch will be out friday, and will hopefully have a working physical lobby with interactive in-game consoles to do that stuff from, as well as removing some sounds that had no business being there.
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