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CSP FPS Engine

I just thought I should let you know:

In the past two years I've been working on a FPS Engine. It is now possible to purchase a License for a little price. It's a simple single player game engine with a few unique FX and features for Win32 DX7 and later. You can try a Demo and check EULA, Screenies etc. at: http://www.melog.ch/dropper/

The engine cannot competite with the real big ones, but for the money you'll get a nice product that allows you to release fully comercial stuff without the usual restrictions or royalty fees.


  • Thegodzero
    Looks pretty nice, not too big on the way the lights are supper brite and almost white out the screen when looking at them. If that is something that can be tuned down then that would be a great help to designers. Either way nice job!
  • CyberSirius
    what is the actual price?
  • Daz
    Hey, I d/loaded demo5 to check it out. But I get a windows memory access violation error and it quits before loading. ( the level, not the front end )

    Dell Pentium4 2.8 ghz, 1.5 gig Ram and an Nvidia 6800 Ultra.

    hope this helps.
  • cspgames
    DAZ - did you unzip it with folders intact? you should not run it from inside the zipfile. Plus, there should be two folders ("crypto" and "level2") byside the engine.exe and a few config files. Also, does your computer support 640*480 Pixels Fullscreen? That's the default setting, you may alter this by running screensettings.bat (well, screensettings.bat basicly starts engine.exe with the cmdline parameter "/settings" that let's you choose a resolution up to 1600*1200*32).

    Or, wait a minute, it could also be the MPEG Codec that was used in the level intro movie. When does it crash, right after the CSP intro movie that fades to a white Screen? Or did you still see the Level intro movie with the mission directive?
    Of course, the usage of a common movie codec is vital for this engine. I could have used cinepak, but then the size would be much bigger. So I used the MPEG Encoder "TMPGEnc" for the level intro movie.
  • cspgames
    CyberSirius - the price for a Game Release License (can be used for one Game Project, including Demos etc.) is 29$.
  • Daz
    Hey yeah I extracted properly with all the subdirectories intact. I see the two folders 'crypto' and 'level2'. Ive tried several different resolutions ( fullscreen and windowed ) using the screensettings.bat, but no joy.
    The intro movie runs fine. I get to the screen with the spinning suitcase, hit a button and it says loading. It crashes halfway into the load and a small window pops up with the message "Error! Memory access violation".
    Im on XP.
  • cspgames
    I have no idea what this could be. It's the first time I hear this. There have been problems with the movie codec, with the Molebox packing of the demo and even with XPs DEP (Data Execution Prevention) on a few machines, but this is new to me. On the mayority of a thousand or more machines the engine worked. Memory access violation is the default error message when something goes wrong. This could be anything like a missing media file. I would have to send you a special distribution that is using an engine binary that is running in debug mode to get some more specific error message, well, if you really wonder what it is.
    Probably you should first try to re-download the file, if your connection is fast. Maybe something's wrong with the zip file - tho this seems unlikely.

    This is really strange since at that time of the level loading process the engine isn't doing any system-critical stuff, only loading some meshes and sounds, and this should work on all machines the same way.
    But anyway, the next update will include a special commandline parameter for a debug mode that will write loading progress to the screen or to a file.

    Sorry for the troubles.
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