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HIgh Poly Warrior Girl

My orc model is on hold for a bit while I do some work, but I thought I'd post this model I did recently and see what you guys thought. Modeled in Max, textured and animated in Maya. Crits welcome.


If you want to see a walk cycle and some viewport screengrabs, go here: Aellessa Character Page


  • JordanW
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    JordanW sublime tool
    hey nice work on the girl, the areas i can see for improvement are possibly the lighting, i know you want a critique of your character but setting up good lighting for renders really helps bring it up a notch. Also the walk looks a little masculine, it's really great all of the secondary motion you included but i think the base walk is a little man-like.
  • poopinmymouth
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    poopinmymouth polycounter lvl 17
    very cool. the thing holding this back the most are those garish colors. the blue and the yellow are WAY too extreme. see if you can get a better shader and color going on for them, everything else looks mighty fine.
  • MacD
    I dunno...I really dig the style of the blue and gold armour. I think a problem does arise because it looks like a different style to the rest of the model, which is textured more...real-life, kinda.
    In a way it looks like a cross between a Max Payne model with a Zelda-wind walker model. Well, it doesn't really, but I do get that kind of mixed-style vibe.

    And I like the model itself too...especially the midrif-guard thing.
  • Voodoo
    Alright my critiques are on the walk. There are a few things that you are missing/need to be changed. First you are lacking hips side of side motion so her center of gravity remains constantly in the middle. Translate the hips over the planted foot when the other foot is in the air. Secondly you need to have her place one foot almost directly infront of the other, as you have it now she's walking like a man (feet spread apart) rather then a female (one foot infront of the other). Females walk like this because of their hips, you can find some runway movie clips to see how models exaggerate this to push their feminine allure.
  • KDR_11k
    Watched a few girls and women walk today, none of them placed their feet in front of each other.
  • FatAssasin
    I worked on the animation a bit. Use the link in the first post to check it out. Tried to make her more femanine looking. The animation is in greyscale now because I'm going to work on the colors and I didn't want to the animated version to look different than the still render.

    The bright colors were meant to be that way. It was a style I was going for, but apparently not pulling off. I think MacD had a good point about two different styles going on, even though I tried to keep everything kind of bright and simple. I'll try to pick a definite style and push it more so that it's not confusing.

    Thanks for the crits so far.
  • [GU]elmur_fud
    I see no problem with the color scheeme. Perhaps a gold metalic texture instead of a flat yellow though. It seems to sort of draw on anime roots, which are often charecterized by vivid colors.
  • [GU]elmur_fud
    If it is possible> (and I an not a 3d animator so I don't know) Have her step more onto her toes then let the heel fall it should remove the plod look.

    Most people there head moves a slight bit when they walk. Couldn't tell if it did or not.

    The hips could use to role a little. The side of the hip that the wait is off should go down a little when the leg raises.
  • [GU]elmur_fud
    I just watched again and now she has some hip movement and head bob. Did I just overlook this before or is this new, either way it's good. smile.gif
  • KMan
    The face looks nice, model wise, but the skin could use some work. It could stand to be a little darker and more saturated. Then work on the material to brighten up the darks of the skin, so it isn't going to flat black. It just makes it muddy looking right now, and that hurts with the intensity of the colors going on in the outfit.
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