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Question about PIPELINE


Hi everyone! I need help shortening my 3D pipeline. The situation is:

Let's say I want to make a cartoon/stylized character 3D (posed + textured/coloured), but I do not want to rig it since I am not interested in making an animation, just posing. What is the recommended technique to use when you want to make this model?

Can I do this model using only one software?

I am looking for a "quick" pipeline that does not require the whole pack: sculpting -> retopology -> mapping -> texturing -> rendering/rigging -> posing.

I know this topic depends greatly on the complexity of the model, but I hope I explained myself and you can help me...

Thank you for your help in advance!


  • pior
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    pior grand marshal polycounter

    Not being interested in animating the character doesn't negate the fact that skin-weighting it is till the cleanest and fastest way to get it posed.

    And on top of that, a simple skin weighting pass on a humanoid character can be as fast as a single click if you have the right tools and knowledge anyways. So the earlier you learn all that, the earlier you'll be able to do all the poses you want. And inversely the more you avoid learning the most efficient way to do it, the more you'll have to rely on clumsy workarounds that will only frustrate you and waste your time. All up to you !

  • EBR
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    Thank you for your response! Skin-weighting does seems to be the most precise method, while others like pose transpose in Zbrush are quicker but may cause imperfections in the topology. I suppose each technique has its benefits and inconveniences.

    Also, I did not know there was a way to Skin-weighting with just a clic, I will investigate about that.

    Again, thank you 😀

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