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Desert Gas Station [UE5] | WIP (Critique Welcomed)

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Been working on this gas station environment in my spare time for a few months now. I've posted a few threads regarding this project already so I decided to make this one to condense everything. Here is my progress so far:

Originally I only wanted to model a prop for fun since I haven't worked in 3d for a good while. Stumbled across this concept on ArtStation and thought the sign looked like a fun project:

This is how my sign turned out:

My original thread about the sign: https://polycount.com/discussion/231073/gas-station-sign-critique-appreciated#latest

After the I made the sign I got inspired to tackle the rest of the concept art. However I wanted to follow it quite loosely and do a more realistic take on it. I started by doing a simple landscape in UE5 and adding a modular road:

I had a lot of issues with tiling and getting the road marking decals to mask around the cracks. However, after a lot of trial and error I got that solved:

Planning on redoing the road texture at some point, but its a okay placeholder for now. Here's my original thread about making the road: https://polycount.com/discussion/231083/uv-shell-too-large-to-fit-in-uv-map#latest

After that I got pretty busy so I decided to work on some smaller props to keep progress moving. I made a utility pole and speed limit sign prop:

I made a blueprint in UE5 using a tutorial online to make cables running between the utility poles. Here is the current state of my project:

Planning on doing the actual gas station structure next and posting all of the projects progress here!


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