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[Maya] Adding noise to a curve?

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Hey everyone!

I'm currently modelling something that takes a segment, uses MASH to distribute it along an axis, and then Curve Warp to bend the segments along a curve.

So far so good!

Now, I want to add some noise to the curves. How do I do that? This was relatively easy to do in Cinema 4D back when I used that. It had excellent spline editing tools. Too bad it lacked in other areas at the time, namely animation (not Mograph).

Here's an example of what I basically want to do. It doesn't have to be animatable. I might turn it into a skeletal mesh later:

  • Create a curve
  • "Subdivide" curve
  • Generate noise to curve points

Just for context, here's the Unreal Engine scene I'm working on that uses these curves, which I want to add some noise to:

This is the best way I've found for modelling this kind of thing with the level of control that I want so far, and I'm open to suggestions for doing this in an easier way without losing control of the curve.


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