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[WIP] Noelle - Game Ready Character (NieR Reincarnation Fan Art)

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ashuuki triangle

Hi all!

This is my new portfolio piece - I'm modelling Noelle, a character from NieR Reincarnation. I adore the Reincarnation concept art and struggled to choose which piece to model, but I find Noelle's outfit really stylish and cool, so ultimately chose her! I'm looking forwards to modelling the spear especially, as I haven't modelled a weapon before.

I'm not doing this for an actual game project, but my goal is to work in the Games Industry, so I'm aiming to have her game ready by the end of this. I also want to explore rigging her myself rather than using Mixamo.

Here is the concept art I am working from:

I've gotten the body sculpt to the point I'm pretty happy with it. I haven't done 'anime' anatomy before, so the legs being so long feels pretty weird to me!

Feedback of all kinds is always welcome, and appreciated! (:


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