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Condemned Hallway [ WIP - C&C ]

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This is a project I've been working on for about 6 weeks now I think. I've got to the point where I'm getting kind of happy with it but it's not there yet. I have a list of amendments and things I'd like to add to the scene but could really do with some feedback on what areas stand out as being the weakest and in need of improvement.

So here is my to-do list:

  1. Wallpaper - The normal really doesn't look good, too strong, and the ripped/peeling shapes don't look right. Also while I like some of the folded/falling wallpaper, I think it's too much and makes other parts of the wall look too flat in comparison. So I might tone this down.
  2. Edge blending and decals - I want to add some blending along the edges where the wall meets the ground as well as some decals to break up some areas. While I've scattered around some debris, the underlying surfaces look too clean to me.
  3. These are the areas that I think look too flat especially compared to the areas where the wallpaper is falling off, so I want to try and even out some of that detail.
  4. I need to sort out the focal point. Originally I had this idea of something floating, or mystical happening at the end of the hallway. Like maybe the chair was floating to imply it's a haunted house. I still like that idea, it adds a bit more story and intrigue. But I boosted the light so you could see the chair, but I've since put the chair on the floor, but it's in front of this bright window, so it now all looks a bit flat and dull. So I'm still trying to figure this out.

And here are something's that I'd like to add to the scene:

  • Cobwebs - I think they'd be a nice micro-detail to add around the place.
  • Dirt decals - to help break up some clean patches.
  • Hanging cables - I think these would add some weight to the ceiling, to the feeling that this thing could all come falling down.
  • Window bars - Something to break up the silhouette f the window, again think it looks a bit too clean.

And here is a little bonus fly through:

Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks for looking!


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