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Critique My Female Models, All Criticism Welcome

I just started making female models a month or so ago and want to know other people's opinion's on them. I currently have 6 female models compared to my 26 male models.

Celeste, 2nd oldest model. She isn't based on anything unlike my other models

Rosie, newest model. Based loosely off The Post's Rosie the Riveter (below)

Orla, made for a friend as a gift of sorts. She is supposed to be an athletic witch

Gertrude, my favorite model so far. Gertrude was made to be a shopkeep in a game I'm making

I haven't modelled the rest after Angela, so the next few pics are just A-Poses. Angela was made just to be made

Bertha is supposed to emulate the bitter, cranky, old lady stereotype


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