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Gas welding cart

polycounter lvl 2
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Corentin_C polycounter lvl 2
Hello polycount  :) .
I did this gas welding cart to work on my texture workflow .
Advice on how to improve are welcome.
Thank you. 


  • shabba
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    shabba polycounter lvl 13
    Great job so far! 
    Some suggestions
    - add tileable weld strips at major structural points
    - think about potential points where this would come into contact with other things/ppl/etc and add details according to those use/abuse cases
    EX: where the chain sits, you'd likely have a lot more rusted exposed metal and worn away paint b/c of the chains constantly rubbing in that area
    - handles might dirt/grime build up from dirty construction hands
    - your brass gauge and fittings dont read correctly, maybe your spec colour is off?
    - wheels are nice, but look too new
    - too many colours going on at the top (green, blue, blue, red, red/white, yellow, and shades of those) unify and simplify the colours
    - remove the geo extrusions on the pressure gauge, this looks silly
    - when tipped to maneuver, the cylinders will press/fall back again the yellow support bracket, and because the cylinders arent 'locked in place' and a free, they would be likely to move around, bounce around, so you'd see more damage on that specific part of the cylinders above/below that yellow support bracket. 

    I do like how subtle you are, and intentional with the scuffs/damage, and its not everywhere. 
  • Corentin_C
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    Corentin_C polycounter lvl 2

    Thank you for all this advice, I tried to put them in place in the time I had left for this asset.
    I will try to implement them for my next study.

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