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Portfolio Critique - Organization and Consistency

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VanessaCeline polycounter lvl 2
I am wondering about how to improve my portfolio in order to have more consistency, increase exposure, and make things easier for recruiters. 

What is better for environment artists, 1 post with the whole environment and all assets, or 2 posts with the environment separate and the assets separate? Are there any other suggestions for how I could organize and present things better? 

I also make separate props and materials sometimes so consistency is a bit hard. I decided to make full screen shots of materials in order to keep the square format and have thumbnails more consistent with environments. No idea what to do with the props though, I could try to make small scenes for them from now on as well, but with some old ones I can't do that anymore, especially the ones that were made for companies or freelancing. 

If having the whole project in one post is better, then the image bellow is how I was thinking to group things. The double highlighted images would be the thumbnails, for some I might make new thumbnails. 

Here's a link to my portfolio, any tips are welcome: https://www.artstation.com/psyph


  • ZacD
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    ZacD polycounter
    First thing is your portfolio should make it clear what you do and what types of jobs you are looking for. Having characters, materials, props, etc, makes it a big ambiguous what your specialty is, what type of work you're looking for.

    For environment artists, I feel like hero props that are detailed and interesting can get their own thumbnail, but generic props should really be part of a bigger environment, or at least a little diorama/corner scene. 
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