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Blind King - Defender Of The Dark Beasts

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YeiBodmer_Skullmer greentooth
Hi Guys, I've been working in this project as a final work of Digital Art Academy with Christopher Cruz from Mexico  and some friends, Using a concept art like a reference, I've chosen the Blind King concept art by Tooth Wu. But I want to make my own version of Blind King, I wish make this  version feels  the same look and universe of the original Blind King  of this amazing artist, I Imagine my version as a kind of dark counterpart or Enemy of this character that defender a skeleton beasts, And both king have a wars with his tribe and wild beasts. 

I've Keep some shapes of the bones and gold parts, but I want to be seen more threatening, fierce, wild, and dark. Now I got the Highpoly in work in progress, I'm working gold parts and straps. If you have some feedback of the process I will be happy for receive help


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