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Maya - transfer skin weights on a border from the body to attachable head

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HenryVIII polycounter lvl 5
I have two models: a full body and a hi-res head which appears only during cut scenes and hides low-res head from the full body.  Somehow I should transfer weights from the full body model to the hi-res head on the mesh border.  The hi-res head has only part of the full body skeleton and some additional bones

Currently, I don't have any idea except set weight on the full body to something easily reproducible as 0.75, 0.25 via the weight table and set it for each vertex on the border manually


  • HenryVIII
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    HenryVIII polycounter lvl 5
    Okay, I wrote a dirty script TrasferBorderWeights which kinda works.
    The main idea behind it to place a body file in the root namespace and the head in another namespace then store vertex weights from the body to the weights list and then apply them to the vertices in another namespace. Everything should work if the head and the body joints have the same names. Also should work transfer between two mesh in the root namespace.
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