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Shared asset libraries across multiple Unreal projects.

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OccultMonk interpolator
What is the best way to create a Library of Materials/Material Functions/Textures/Meshes etc that can be accessed by all Unreal projects? I Have tried to find a solution but most threads about it are quite old. I Found the following:

- NTFS Juncture so folders are seen as local (Create a NTSF juncture to the Library folder in each Unreal project).
- File structure for original assets and .uasset files.
- Put everything in the Engine-Content folder (Does not seem like a good solution)


  • OccultMonk
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    OccultMonk interpolator
    Does anyone have a good strategy for sharing assets in a library across multiple unreal projects?
  • poopipe
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    poopipe high dynamic range
    The model Epic seem to follow is to use content packs and import them into your project. This is the safest way to approach it since it prevents project specific changes propagating back into other projects and breaking things. 

    Obviously for textures/meshes you can simply store the source png/fbx data outside your unreal projects and reference them in - updates will propagate naturally 

    if you really have to do it, using a junction seems like the least problematic way.  They're simple enough to set up

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