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[ToolBag 4 Plugin] Substance Importer

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This plugin will allow you to import substance files (.sbsar) into toolbag 4. 
Although, this could be used in toolbag 3 there isn't much point as toolbag 3 natively supports substance, toolbag 4 does not.

Hopefully this helps some people out. 

How this plugin works and limitations:
this plugin works by reading the substance file then exporting it to texture files (.png) then importing those to toolbag. 

Currently it supports importing substances with presets but it does not allow you to tweak individually parameters procedurally. This is something I want to work on for the future. The performance is also slow on textures with a higher res, I will see if there is anything I can but this might just be a limit of Substance Automation Toolkit. Reimporting textures is nearly instant as it doesn't need to do the render step, provided you don't delete textures in the storage folder. In the future I would also like to integrate this into the toolbag 4 library. At the moment this is not possible because the library does not support custom folders. 

Feel free to report any bugs, trouble, or suggestions here.
I don't have a mac so let me know if it works for you or doesn't.

  1. Download and install substance automation toolkit. If you use a different install path other than the default you will need to change the path in the config file. if your on mac, currently, you will also have to do this
  2. extract and put the whole folder in your user or default plugins folder, this can be found in toolbag by going to Topbar -> Edit -> Plugins -> Show User/Default plugins folder.
  3. it should now show up in the Topbar -> Edit -> Plugins menu if not try clicking refresh in the same menu.
The config file offers some values for you to tweak

resolution is the resolution you want textures to be exported from the substance as

accepted values:
    6 = 64x64
    7 = 128x128
    8 = 256x256
    9 = 512x512
    10 = 1024x1024
    11 = 2048x2048
    12 = 4096x4096

the storage directory is where textures exported from substance will be saved. the plugin normally should ask you on first start.

sbs_auto_tools_dir is the directory where substance automation toolkit is installed.

normal format indicates the format which textures should be exported. 0 = DirectX, 1 = OpenGL

use_presets allows you to select which preset you want to use from the substance. setting this to no makes it always use the default.


  • jeffdr
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  • Ceegee
    Hi Nathan,

    Thanks! Your plugin works brilliantly under Windows, however I can't get it to work under Mac OS. It fails to create the new TB4 material and the export folder remains empty, (with just the name of the material showing). As per your readme instructions, I changed the abs_auto_tools_dir path to reflect Mac OS install location, I've tried using both with and without quote marks, but to no avail. 

    resolution = 11
    storage_dir = /Volumes/Data/Exports/
    sbs_auto_tools_dir = /Applications/Substance Automation Toolkit/
    normal_format = 1
    use_presets = yes

  • Nabla

    Hey, thanks for the work! But at this point may I ask where I can get the Substance Automation Toolkit?


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