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Hi guys, would you please give me some feedback on my portfolio and demo reel?
Point out the main issues and things you are personally missing and what you would cut out.
Also anything you spot wrong on the models.
It will really help me out to avoid doing the same mistakes again.
Thank you so much for the time you are taking to watch my reel and go through my portfolio and writing down feedback.
I really appreciate it.
DEMO REEL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-WIzDAt7TI&ab_channel=PetrValenta
PORTFOLIO https://www.artstation.com/petreasure


  • Jean_Pierre_Seiler
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    Jean_Pierre_Seiler polycounter lvl 2
    I really like it overall.
    While I absolutely love the feeling of Jana's Living Room, all the details, it looks like as actually someone is living in there But I think it takes to much time of the reel. While I do like the camera movement, I would either speed it up or cut the slower "end segments". Often I felt like, "Okay I have seen enough, give me the next angle/scene".
    Also the scene looks really blurry, I tripple checked if it was in 1080p. And whit that it is hard to give in depth critic about modeling and texturing.
    Also I am not sure how I feel about the floating dust particles, while they do add kind of a magical feeling to the scene (almost like fairy dust ;) ) that kinda is fitting, undecided on that matter, I would probably scale them down.
  • Pete003
    Thank you so much, I will make some adjustments to all the aspects you mentioned. And have a look at the video quality.  :)
  • Jean_Pierre_Seiler
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    Jean_Pierre_Seiler polycounter lvl 2
    You are very welcome :).
    Just wait for some other members to see what they spot, some might also disagree with parts of what I said ;).
    See if and what people say in common and go from there!
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