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Best way to texture modular assets

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Filip5 polycounter lvl 6
Hey guys, I am goingon with creation of my modular brick wall. Currently, I have about 15 wall pieces, both highpoly and lowpoly.

I wanted to texture this in Substance painter, but I read somwhere that it is better to use substance designer. I am fairly familiar with painter, somewhat less with designer. I have also tried substance alchemist for some texture mix. What I am aiming for is the brick texture, which can be combined with plaster inside UE4, or maybe marmoset. I am not going for a playable enviroment, more for rendering out some images. 

I would use vector masking in UE4 for plaster / brick combination I suppose, but there is another issue and that is that lowpoly bricks do not have enough vertices to do that.

What is my best option to texture this, or posibly the best workflow for it?
Thank you.


  • wirrexx
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    wirrexx polycounter
    @Filip5 I know that ubisoft usually do their HP sculpted (some are SD) and paint them in SP, cause it's just a faster workflow, and if you're familiar to photoshop, you know what to do. You could use both. But tbh, use what you think would be faster.
  • Filip5
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    Filip5 polycounter lvl 6
    I blocked out the whoe castle. Well more less. I still have to model windows and doors, some details etc. But there is something odd about this, I just cant get what it is. Looks more like a minecraft build than actual 3D. What I am afraid of is that textures will take up so much memory that the whole scene will just crash.

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