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AI recreated heightmap in Alchemist

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gnoop interpolator
I decided to give Alchemist another  try , especially its AI based heights reconstruction  on a rocky subjects  I heard it works nice with it .   And I am  getting kind of disappointing results.    Wonder does anyone managed to make it better somehow,

left is  photogrammetry , right is Alchemist AI  rendered with shadows. I used  one of the photos from same series  i did for photogrammetry half.

Looks like AI isn't there yet ,  Or maybe  it's not a well trained for  such subject ?     Have anyone been able to get  kind of sharper   less  melted down and more specific shape of things  with it?      Delighting also  looks so so.  Just like a quick  hipass filter . Am I expecting too much of AI?

Can Alchemist  mix AI and  photogrammetry somehow ?    Is there   anything other cool  and new to try  in ALchemist?


  • Jerc
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    Jerc interpolator
    Just wanted to point out that the normal to height filter in Alchemist is not using machine learning. It is a complex algorithm but no AI involved. Is the image on the left a height map only? it looks like it has actual geometry with concave angles and such.
  • gnoop
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    gnoop interpolator
    I dropped a photo. one of those I used for photogrammetry ,   like this one 

    and chose "image to material AI Powered"       then exported this material and used its height map  to displace  a tessellated plane in ClarisseFX.

    ps, Actually  this time  it turns better  looking  , not sure why  but stones  less melted down while using all same displacement settings

    It's kind of more acceptable , I wonder does Alchemist has a tool set  to edit imported  photogrammetry  based pairs of color + height map?   Fix  bad areas, make seamless. re-compositing etc?

    Year ago I tried to do so with Artomatix  but ended up just using  Zbrush + patch tool . Have never been satisfied enough with  their AI.  Still looking forward for  an AI  that could help to get rid  of tedious  things.

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