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beginner in 3d modelling-question about weird shapes in maya[feedback appreciated]

Hi all!My name is Alex and I am an undergraduate student of multimedia design.A few days before,were my first <<meeting>> with 3d modelling. My purpose is to make a simple 3d room.But I have problem with maya 3d.I inserted textures from another program in Maya.The other purpose also of this work,is to make an old,blackened door.This was successful. Maybe it is a wrong process of my in extrude option in maya,or an error in the conversion of images to vector graphics? Some guidance will be  really appreciated
And here is the actual, non-3d curve shape of my chair


  • teodar23
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    teodar23 sublime tool
    Can you go into detail about your process? You do splines and then convert them to polygonal models?
    Is there a reason for this workflow? Why not do the normal poly modeling wf?
    It seems a lot more work to be done in your workflow, but maybe you have a reason for doing things this way. I suggest making sure that your splines are closed before creating the polygonal model.
  • JamesBrisnehan
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    JamesBrisnehan polycounter
    Yah, your workflow is a little confusing. Are you saying that you transformed a picture of a room into a vector graphic, then imported that vector into Maya as curves, and now you are trying to use those curves to create 3d models? That is a unique workflow I have never seen before. 
    I think the reason you are getting weird shapes is that Maya does not know how to process the curves created from your vector graphic. I think they are too abstract for Maya to handle. 
  • alexandros8888
    Thank you very much for your answers.I really appreciate that!
  • Brian "Panda" Choi
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    Brian "Panda" Choi high dynamic range
    Do you HAVE to make the meshes from curves
  • pixelpatron
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    pixelpatron polycounter
    I think you'd have less headaches using the curves as a proxy model (position/placement/scale), assign to a new layer..make layer a reference layer, and then do box polygonal modeling on top. I'd watch some flipped normals tutorials on hard surface modeling to get you started. Good luck.
  • alexandros8888
    Thank you very very much @pixelpatron! I know that the concept of this site is to try our own to make 3d animations and sometimes,it is good to give one to another some workflow-related feedback.But as I said in my first message I am beginner in 3d animation and modelling
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