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Some images not loading

Hello! I'm new here and there was this thread I was looking at. For some reason some of the images aren't loading. It just says "The image could not be loaded." I know it's there since that's where the Google Images link went but I can't see some of them. Could anyone help me out? This is the thread I'm talking about: https://polycount.com/discussion/166229/xcom-2-art-dump


  • mastert3318
    If you guys can't figure out the problem, I would be happy with just the image I was looking for. I was looking for the image of the power armor. I believe that the armor was blue in the image. I saw it on Google Images and Pinterest but I think the version on the website itself is higher quality than the preview.
  • Eric Chadwick
    I see a lot of images. Could you be more specific about which post has the missing image?

    If you click on the date at the top of a reply (to the right of the author's name) that will give you a link directly to that reply.

    Also that topic is over 4 years old. If they didn't upload images to Polycount, then it's likely their own site has moved, or their Dropbox has died, whatever.
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