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[WIP] Character Topology

Hello, everybody! My name is Ivan. I'm not a professional 3d artist and it's the first character model in my life.
I'm here to know how to make my character better and I appreciate any good critics about the technicalities of my model. There are no ways to me use expensive instruments such us Zbrush or Maya. In other hand, I'd opted for tools, which are not so expensive but ease my work enough even to buy them.

Blender - modeling
3d Coat - retopology and the UV unwrapping
Akeytsu - animation,
Substance Painter - texturing

My goals

Animate this character and import it into a game engine. It should perform in real-time rendering (in a game) fast.

There're a lot of media in this post. I hope it's fine.


  1. Sculpture
  2. Retopology
  3. UV Unwrap
  4. Weight Painting (I'm here)
  5. Animation
  6. Texture Painting
Mesh contains: 21,178 Tris = 10,602 Faces = 10,683 Verts


I made it in blender 2.83. I want to add more details, but it's not so easy, because there are no alpha brushes in Blender. Sometimes blender freezes, but in general It was ok.


I made it in Blender with the displacement modifier and the warp modifier. I was using snapping on faces. (The vest's retopology was made in 3d Coat)




UV Unwrapping

I tested UV in Substance Painter and baked Normal Map from my high poly object. (It's just a test, not final color)

Blender Auto Rig



  1. Is 21,178 tris fine for the playable character?
  2. How to work with cloth, such as a vest in my case? Should it be the same connected mesh, or could be a totally different model?
  3. Is it okay to use one 4k texture on the whole character's body? (Or better to use a set of textures, probably 2-3 different textures for legs, head, and etc.)

The work is still in progress. And I will show later how it bends in Akeytsu.


  • JohannesAg
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    JohannesAg greentooth
    1. 21 k is not expensive at all for a character, many main characters go over 100 k these days so no worries.
    2. I would have made the vest as the same model but this might work too.
    3. I usually split my uv´s into head, upperbody and lowerbody. tho since your guy is wearing a mask I would probably just have kept the head with the upperbody.
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