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Character Concept - Crit Me!

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RoseElle polycounter lvl 4
HI everyone!
Nervous to post asking for crit for the first time haha!
I'm going to be doing a lot of concept art for a personal project over the coming months and I'd like some crit/advice on how to take my drawings to the next level in terms of bringing them to life :) 
This is one fo the first character concepts I've painted:

This character is called Compass and she lives in a near distant future to us as a navigation expert through the streets of the mega city. She's sporty and resourceful but also feminine and overly curious.
I want to draw more variations on her but would really like some thoughts on how to move my painting up a gear in terms of realism/skill as I feel like I draw in a cartoony sort of way and also any design suggestions would be great!
Thanks :)


  • svrart
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    svrart node
    Pose looks good.

    Some suggestions:
    Use stronger colors +contrasts. 
    Crotch area looks a little weird.
    Use more shades to add depth.
    Add more decorators - small items of clothing, jewelry etc to make it more interesting.

    Overall, good job.
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