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Translucency see through artefacts when on same mesh...

Hi everyone, I know it's already been asked a few month ago but I'm new to UE4 and trying to figure out something with translucent materials before I get further on texturing (please consider this is a technical question and that texturing is not done...).

I'm making a modular scene and I have a trimsheet with transparent and opaque parts (metal ornaments) on the same map.
Here's what I had on the left with one mesh only (we can see through metal parts). Had it fixed on the right with two materials refering to the same maps but with two materials and separated meshes in UE4 (one for translucent glass and another one with a masked blend mode for the opae parts.

My question is : is it the correct way to deal with that kind of scene (having two meshes and two materials) or is there's something I've been missing ?
Thanks for your helps everyone !


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