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(3ds Max) Normal map issue - incorrect shading on model

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LZ18 polycounter lvl 4
Hi. I can't find the solution to this from other threads. I have these shading errors on faces whenever I apply a normal map. I use the same workflow for all my models - model low poly, export as FBX to Unfold3D, reimport as FBX with UVs set up, apply smoothing groups, export low poly, high poly, cage as FBX, bake in XNormal. I mirrored / re-attached the model, although so far I didn't get this issue.

Things I tried : reset smoothing groups, Normals Modifier - Unify Normals, Edit Normals Modifier - Reset Normals, Reset XForm, create a cube and attach glitched model to it. NOTE: face shading error appears with any normal map material applied!


  • Eric Chadwick
    Did you try inverting the green channel?

    3ds Max can't properly render normal maps unless they were baked directly inside 3ds Max. And IIRC it can't show them correctly in the viewport no matter what. They're working on a fix, but I don't think it's out yet.
  • Mark Dygert
    You might need to set your smoothing groups to 1, apply the edit poly modifier and collapse the stack. Sometimes I get horrible shading on imported meshes and that's the only thing that will actually force it to recalculate.
    If you mirrored the model, more than likely the UV's are stacked on top of each other. You should offset the UVs one unit to the right and rebake. If you don't they will render on top of each other and create all kinds of issues.
    Also, you should check your material setup. Make sure the bump is set to 100 (it defaults to 30), in the bump slot put a normal bump and then put your normal map inside of that.

    Outside of that make sure that the output from xNormal is set to work with 3dsmax. There isn't one standard orientation for normal maps and you might need to flip a channel to get it to work with various apps. Usually it's green that needs to be flipped. I haven't used xNormal in a while but it should have all of the settings it needs to be compatible with the 3dsmax viewport which is also compatible with Unreal.
  • LZ18
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    LZ18 polycounter lvl 4
    I think i found it by accident. The problem was this... for reasons I can't comprehend. Normal map non overlapping, set at 100, but the gammaLUT did this to the shading?! no idea.

  • Obscura
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    Obscura grand marshal polycounter
    That would make sense.
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