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What do you think about "Deep Fake" technology, and its implications?
First, some lighthearted videos:

The two main software in this field seem to be the open-source FaceSwap and DeepFaceLab.
A statement from FaceSwap:

FaceSwap has ethical uses

(...) We are not trying to denigrate celebrities or to demean anyone. We are programmers, we are engineers, we are Hollywood VFX artists, we are activists, we are hobbyists, we are human beings. To this end, we feel that it's time to come out with a standard statement of what this software is and isn't as far as us developers are concerned.

- FaceSwap is not for creating inappropriate content.
- FaceSwap is not for changing faces without consent or with the intent of hiding its use.
- FaceSwap is not for any illicit, unethical, or questionable purposes.
- FaceSwap exists to experiment and discover AI techniques, for social or political commentary, for movies, and for any number of ethical and reasonable uses.

We are very troubled by the fact that FaceSwap can be used for unethical and disreputable things. However, we support the development of tools and techniques that can be used ethically as well as provide education and experience in AI for anyone who wants to learn it hands-on. We will take a zero tolerance approach to anyone using this software for any unethical purposes and will actively discourage any such uses.
In 2019 legislation was passed in the US that allows you to sue someone for damages if they make a bad use of your likeness using this technique.
I'm also wondering, if it can be used for video, what about audio -- emulating someone's voice (something like Adobe VoCo)? An almost complete synthetic impostor.


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