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Powerful woman character

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LouisPhilippe greentooth
Hey polycounters,
I have decided to start a big project. I've done a couple of characters and small scenes recently and they were fine, but this time I really want to push myself to the limit. I will design and model a character from scratch. I have a pretty clear idea of what I want to achieve with this project. When I look at my portfolio, I don't see anything that showcases my ability to work with complex and detailed designs, so, I want this to be complex, as well as technically and artistically difficult :p . I have a tendency to over simplify my design and models and I want to break this habit.
So this is my idea so far. This character will be a powerful and elegant woman, with some fantasy elements.
This is just a small reference sheet/moodboard, i'm still working on research but this is the general idea.
Hopefully it goes well...
Let's go!


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