Jousting Tourney Scene - LoA Challenge

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So the Artstation challenge is now firmly over, but there is still plenty I want to get done in my scene before I'm 100% happy with it as a portfolio piece. I'm hoping to get this piece finished off by the end of August. My challenge thread is here: This is what my main submission shot looked like:

Concept it is based upon: (

I've made a fair few tweaks so far including adding more foliage into the scene altering colours of cloth across the scene and revamping the ground materials. Everything I have done so far is detailed here: I'll also be updating this blog along with this post in the hopes of getting some feedback to really push this further.

The last set of alterations I made were some small tweaks to the overall scene that were recommended on Discord. One of the big ones being the alteration of the background tents so they are more prominent in the scene.

I was originally aiming for a lighting setup that was more like an early morning, but I reckon I may also try closer matching the original concept as well. At the moment I am working on getting some debris around the stadium with some small rocks and wood chippings.

Any feeedback is always welcome! :D


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    Made a quick little GIF (colours and values may be a bit off since I did this quite quickly. But the general just of it is the environment feeling more like it is in sunlight as currently there is sharp shadows bit the scene is slightly more gloomy than I would expect for a daytime scene,

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    Wicked! Cheers for that @RobeOmega ! I'll play with the lighting some more and brighten it up some! :D
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    gazman162 polycounter lvl 5
    I've made a few more assets using the wood kit and trim sheets as I previously mentioned and started adding these into the scene. With these and some of the other pre-existing assets I've started fleshing out the camps a bit more to bring them to life. As well as tweaking the lighting to be brighter as @RobeOmega mentioned previously.

    The next point of call will either be creating a handful of dirt, grime and noise decals to break up different parts of the scene a bit more OR I'll get onto creating the trim sheet for the cloth meshes I want to add (cushions, rugs and Garlands) and start adding in those pieces. It mostly depends on what I feel like doing after work for the next few days as to which gets completed first! 😂😂
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    I've created a few more smaller assets and started dressing the scene some more as well. It's all starting to look a bit more full now which is definitely improving the overall feel of the scene. There are some smaller assets that would be good to try and get in, but I'm debating either leaving it as is once I've finished dressing with the current assets OR finding a decent food/medieval kitchen gear pack and littering that in the scene.
    I've added:
    • Pillows
    • Rugs
    • Small crate
    • Open crate
    • Fire log
    • Bunting
    • Created some tent interiors using several assets
    • Some more ivy along the arena wall
    • Small adjustments to the lighting

    Hopefully have this completed over the next few days and up in my portfolio for the end of the week! :) Fingers Crossed! 🤞🤞
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