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[WIP] [UE4] Subway Train

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Syrtax polycounter lvl 3
Hey Gang! 

Currently working on a little subway train, inspired by my daily commute. And it's getting to the point where I have to show the project to people and get some honest feedback.

The feeling I want to evoke is a "the last days of summer" kind of vibe. The good old days when you are driving home after being outside with your friends all day but know this time will end and school will start soon. 

Which the art of Director "Makoto Shinkai" represents perfectly:

My current progress: 

My biggest gripe is that all my Screenshots look kind of "dirty" with lots of jagged edges. Not so clean and sharp as a lot of other UE4 stuff I'm seeing here...
If someone has any tips to improve visual fidelity - I'm all ears :) 



  • Syrtax
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    Syrtax polycounter lvl 3
    Little Update:

    Created the first pass for the scenery with the help of "Procedural Nature Pack"  to test out what could work.
    Also I added a few vents to break up the "boring" train walls. Also changed the material of the seats to a bit less glossy
  • Anchang-Style
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    Anchang-Style polycounter lvl 7
    Just curious, the line map says District 9, Bielefeld...a reference to the Bielefeld conspiracy?
  • evgeny_h
  • Tits
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    Tits mod
    Very cool so far and love the reference, will be following the progress!
  • Pereiraccoon
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    Pereiraccoon triangle
    It's gorgeous Syr. I think you've pulled it quite well. I only think that, if possible, if the shadows were a bit more accentuated you'd make the mood a bit stronger. (based on the original references)
  • Syrtax
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    Syrtax polycounter lvl 3
    Thank you for the kind words, everyone! 

    who knows? I mean its a fictional rail plan for a fictional city ;)

    thank you! I made the shadows quite a lot stronger now! 

    Due to Illness and client work not much has happened with my scene, but I managed to squeeze a few changes into it!
    - Stronger Shadows
    - Finished the Windows 
    - Finished High and Lowpoly for the emergency brake
    -Some minor tweaks here and there

    I'm still struggling a lot with the Light system in UE4. The visual quality I want to archive is just not quite there. Gotta keep grinding.

    Studying the "Unreal 4 Lighting Academy" by 51Deadalus at the moment and this helps a lot! 
    If someone has some more helpful tutorials for UE4 please share! :)

    Also, I feel like the ceiling lamps seem a bit disconnected from the rest of the scene.

  • Syrtax
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    Syrtax polycounter lvl 3
    Still alive and working on it! 

    Basically, rebuild the entire scene after watching hours and hours of lighting tutorials and it helped a great deal!
    also mood wise I think I'm on the right track!
    Also changing the camera perspective to a more interesting composition was the right call.

    As always I am more than happy to receive some feedback!
    My next plan is to refine my Substance Designer Materials and create a second pass for the graffiti.

  • Joopson
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    Joopson Polycount Sponsor
    The lighting might be better, but the post-processing is really overpowering to me right now. Before it felt like a stylized-but-natural lighting, now it feels very extreme and not nearly as pleasant to look at. Just my two cents! I'm a big fan of the colors present in the last version.
  • Syrtax
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    Syrtax polycounter lvl 3
    Thank you for your input! And you're not wrong. Will have to adjust it a bit and find a middle ground with the best out of both worlds!
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