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[WIP][UE4] The Heart Maker (Full Environment) Looking for critique!

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momomoonscar triangle
Here are some images of the 3D room I created for an online class. Everything is based off Nik Henderson's The Heart Maker concepts.I am still very new to UE4 lighting, so I was hoping to get some feedback on the lights and shadows I have baked so far. Any other thoughts are welcome! Thank you :)

Original Concept art:


  • Carabiner
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    Carabiner greentooth
    Hey there, the general mood and composition of this is super nice for your first big environment. I have a few smaller suggestions that I think will help push this to the next level. These are things that I also noticed in my first big environment which I'd go back and change now.

    In general, some of your base color values look really dark - you shouldn't technically go below around 0.11 if you're trying to follow PBR standards. Things like the cracks in the stone wall, the handles of the pots, the banister, etc. What does it look like in base color or unlit mode?

    The stair banister looks very flat in particular. In the concept, things are getting a lot more bounced light and also metallic-ness to them. Do you have the banister (and things like the pots and handles) set up as properly metallic? Are you using reflection captures to get a nice metallness read on them?

    The hearts in the jars feel kinda light and desaturated compared to the concept.

    Did you create the paintings on the walls, too? If not, you should credit the artist(s) -- at the very least in posts like this, but ideally also in text form in your portfolio images too.

    I'm missing some of the larger props in the scene, like these:


    I see props that look similar to these, but I think these two in particular stick out as not being represented in your final image. The bag in particular has a lot of interesting material stuff happening with the woven texture that would really add to the scene.

    The dark lines in your wood grain texture seem too dark, they're a bit distracting.

  • momomoonscar
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    momomoonscar triangle
    Hey @Carabiner ! Thank you so much for this awesome critique :) It was really helpful!!

    I had read about the base color thing somewhere before but it completely slipped my mind. Thank you for the reminder :). I adjusted the heart colors (though I'm still not 100% happy with them yet) and the metal textures. 

    I created the paintings on the walls.  I plan on crediting the concept artist for his room design when I post this in my portfolio. 

    I added the missing props! Good catch. 
    I am in the process of tweaking the shading. Please let me know what you think! 

  • Port-Seven
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    Port-Seven polycounter lvl 7
    The warm lighting in here works fantastically
  • momomoonscar
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    momomoonscar triangle
    Thank you!

    The full finished project has been posted here https://www.artstation.com/artwork/9elqZv if you guys want to check it out :)!
  • Qdwach
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    Qdwach polycounter lvl 7
    One thing that really bothers me about this is the amount of visual noise created by the very detailed texture maps, it's kind of overwhelming to my eyes. I'd tone down the normal maps on a lot of your assets, for example your floor has deep grooves in woodgrain. Also the woodgrain would not continue uninterrupted from one plank to another, it's very distracting and it happens on most of your assets here.  

    I did a quick and dirty visualisation of what I mean, a chest of drawers for example would have planks going horizontally on the drawers and vertically on the side walls.  
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