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Low poly Chinese garden scene [DONE!]

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jimsvanberg greentooth
Ooooooooooooookay! It's time to call this project done at last! :#
Here is some of the final presentation shots but full presentation can be seen here - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/L2ZYzr

Full animation:

Animations by Kristoffer Björnör https://www.artstation.com/voffe Thanks for making the scene come alive man!

A big thank you to everyone who gave me feedback on the road!

Hello forum!

This is a scene I am working on atm just for fun. It's inspired by Lara Croft GO and a Chinese garden I visited a few years back. The idea is to make it like a mock up of a game complete with main character. I do intend to use more polys adn details then Lara Croft GO however, since I'm not restricted by the limitation of a smartphone screen size.

I actually started this scene a few years back but it had to be put on hold when Super Sportmatchen came in production. But now I kinda started over. I kept the old concept as a starting point tho. Unity is what I'm using btw.

Here's the concept:
And here is the a first blockout in Unity:
The white "tofu block" represents the character here.

At this point I didn't really know what character I wanted to have, so I paused the environment to focus on the character and came up with this:

The idea behind the character is a traveling artist. Complete with a backpack full of art supplies such as paintbrushes and paint tubes. The artist character could represent myself and his travels could represent my own journey into this low-poly style :P Heh, cheesy AF I'm aware.

At this point I'm pretty happy with the first iteration of the character and the blockout of the environment so I want to make a first pass on all the props. But for now, here's snapshot of the artist gazing into the eyes of some carps.

Feedback and thoughts are more then welcome! Thanks for stopping by!


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