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Defcon's WW2 weapons project

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Hello world !
I posted my last project done last week. I never think about posting WIP's here and getting feedback, let's correct this.
So, I have a weapon project (game workflow) started in december with a M1 Garand, it's WW2 weapons project for pushing my texturing skills to a new level. 
I planned 3 guns : 
  • M1 Garand / Done 
  • Thompson M1 / Done 
  • Carbine M1A1

Two weapons I wanted to do if I have enough time : 
  • BAR 1918
  • Browning Cal 
I will post my next WIP here for the future weapons :smile:

M1 Garand - ArtStation : 

Thompson M1 - ArtStation :

Hope you enjoy this, see you for the next weapons ! 


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