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[UE4] Forgotten Roman Temple

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Adel0n polycounter lvl 7
Hey Polycount!

Here is my latest UE4 based project I'm working on. My blockout looks like this, trying different ideas last weeks, and that where I stopped for now. My main inspiration and refs were Hubert Robert's paintings, but I want to add a bit of fantasy elements and story to this, so that why I replaced statues, and made mood more melancholic and dark a bit.

My main goal is to improve my sculpt skills in zbrush, also try to make some narrative and storytelling via evironment (I have small story about this place in my notes, which I will try to tell), and, of course, make a good piace of art :).

At the current stage I'm really intresting in feedback on composition and design, but anything you think about it will be also great.

Thanks in advance!

My refs


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