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SHRIKE - Character Creation

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LouisPhilippe greentooth
I just started a new character for a personal project and I figured I'd share the process at the same time.
I'm very open to any critique or comment! :blush:
Here are the two different concept art I did for this character. The character is supposed to be gloomy, sad and cute with a small hint of badass.
The visual style is simplified and stylized. Think of a mix between Pixar, Tim Burton and Inside (the game).
I have more backstory but I'm trying to keep this fairly straight forward :* .

I decided to go with the female character after getting some feedback from friends. I might change some of the design along the way.
Here's a quick sculpt I started today in ZBrush to quickly block in the proportions. I'll probably start working on the hair next and keep adjusting the proportions and facial features as I go along.

I'll keep updating this thread as I keep working on this, hopefully it's insightful or at least entertaining!


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