The next step for Marmoset Toolbag?

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bmobius6 polycounter lvl 4
I absolutely love MT3 and with the fairly recent introduction of a robust baker, I've been able to bake my maps right away and see the immediate result. Thank you Marmoset for what you do!

So with that out of the way, I find myself curious about the future of Marmoset Toolbag. With the inclusion of bakers, is there a chance that Toolbag may be moving towards becoming a full-fledged texturing / painting app? 


  • jeffdr
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    jeffdr polycounter lvl 9
    Hmm, interesting idea.

    We are in the early stages of developing a major release of Toolbag, which won't be available for some time. Needless to say it includes cool stuff, but unfortunately it's in too early a stage to discuss or announce publicly yet. Stay tuned.
  • Greg_X
    Does that mean Toolbag 4.0 or Toolbag 3.1?
    I know it is early and you cannot go into details, but would you let us know if there are planned rendering improvements in that release?
  • EarthQuake
    As Jeff mentioned, it's too early to get into specifics. However, it's safe to assume that there will be rendering improvements.
  • Greg_X
    That's good enough for me :)  I don't know if people tell you this often, but I find Toolbags user interface very good. It feels professional. Space economic, easy to use, and everything is where it logically should be. Since the software is so pleasant to use, more rendering power in any shape or form makes me excited for new versions. The 3.04 update had a big impact on my enjoyment with Toolbag.
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