[WIP] Cyberpunk Street (Crit needed)

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Johnnynapalmsc greentooth
Hey guys,
So this will be my very first environment art submission. All of my previous projects are either props,vehicles and character sculpting, so I've never worked in UE4 before. I don't have much time to finish this for my university final project and I still need to work out how to make HTC Vive work with this, ideally with a camera moving on rails and the user can look around. But this is what I got so far, and depending how it will go, I will either do one street, or a full block. Everything is being done in UE4. Would love to hear what you think, and I am aware it isn't much as it is right now! Also I am using a bunch of modular sets, as I had absolutely not enough time for this huge of a project, but I am making some of the props myself. Heavily inspired by blade runner, and I will be even remaking some of the blade runner props/vehicles to fit in this scene. 

Also the end result will be the usual cyberpunk rainy/night time so it might look a bit weird now being day.

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