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Kristof's stylized Substance Designer material practices

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Hello. I haven't posted a thread here for a long time now, because I was busy with work, and when I had free time, I usually spent it with examining some technical stuff instead of doing actual art. Its about time to break this, especially because until now I was spamming the waywo, which isn't a nice thing to do. I was at home for like a week because I got very sick, so I was very bored, and I started doing daily practices in Substance Designer. I always liked stylized textures, especially the ones after the transition to pbr, so I thought I'll try to make some. They are nowhere perfect, but I'm pretty happy with the initial results. If you have some ideas about how could I take this to a next level in the future, please let me know. I already got one feedback on the planks on twitter. I've been told that the cracks are a bit too wavy, and I should use the Orb brush as a reference for this kind of stuff. Note taken. I will definitely make more of them, as practice never hurts, and actually I can produce these fairly quickly - ~ 2-4 hours. I'm also considering making some meshes for them, but thats still a big question mark.
Here they are in chronological order:



Roof plates:

Stucco / plaster

And an extra image, showing some blending test of the bricks and the plaster. This shot was made in Unreal, instead of Toolbag.

Hope you like them, and feel free to comment / give me advices about how to improve the approach.


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