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quad damage
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Svartberg quad damage
Late to the party, but comin' in hot!
Hey guys! It's super early in the development and there's only concept for neutral camp so far, but I really wanna share what i've got and also establish my theme. 
So without further ado, I give you... a little piece of Primordial Summoner's rift!

Keep in mind that this is super raw. I will be cleaning it up and fleshing out all the details.

In my concept I wanted to imagine how summoner's rift would've looked eons before first humans ever laid eyes on it. 
Vibrant, teeming with life and pristine.

I've also taken the time to think of the inhabitants of this oasis of raw nature.
Meet Tort, the Snapjaw turtle and Bella, the Pitcher plant.
They are two separate creatures, that coexist in symbiotic manner.
Tort carries Bella on his back for the sheer purpose of looking pretty. Despite being ancient, this turtle seems to be quite fashionable
And Bella just likes to travel, but turns out plants don't make very good travelers. So she's always happy when Tort decides to saunter around.

On a side note: Tort gets really anxious when people call him a monster or mention pockets around him. He's also afraid of spherical objects for some reason.

Stay tuned for further development.


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